Why You Need to Define Video on Each Social Platform Differently

Reading Time: 2 Minutes

From modest YouTube beginnings to effortless livestreaming from a smartphone, social video has evolved immensely over the past decade. Today, over 100 million hours of video are consumed on Facebook daily, smartphone users spend 45 minutes each day watching videos on their phones.

With video formats constantly evolving and each social platform tracking video metrics differently, it can be difficult for advertisers to get a handle on social video advertising. Vertical video, Instagram Stories, private messaging on Snapchat, Facebook Live, and every other format in-between is just a small part of the overall social video equation.

So, how should we track views and understand metrics across platforms? According to Nikhil Sethi (Co-Founder and CEO, Adaptly) at #SMWNYC, we must first define and understand what and how videos work on each platform, and then align those definitions with our goals before choosing the platforms to invest time and money in.

Further analysis and commentary from this #SMWNYC talk:

The original article can be found on Social Media Week.