What Marketers Need to Know About the Vertical Video Era

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Jeff Kauffman, Media/Group Head of the Richards Group, Charlie Neer, SVP of Revenue of Adaptly and Megan Presslak, Associate Digital Media Manager at Allstate took the Social Media Week Chicago stage to discuss the vertical video era that many of us are constantly experiencing and thinking about.

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It’s all about Vertical Video, we’re hearing a lot about it and it’s a focus for all people in the social world. Social video consumption today is very different from thirty years ago and there’s a lot of different reasons why we got here.

There’s a short development cycle for video the same way we process information. You need to be able to express something really quickly without saying any words, we’re all spending 45 minutes a day look at video just on our mobile phones and 66 minutes of live tv is being consumed on smartphones.

“There’s more hours of video on Facebook in a day than television had in its first 30 years of existence.”

Jeff talks about ‘attracting goldfish’ and that you need to be able to capture people quickly. There are different studies going on about the effect of sound with a video. They’re finding that if you have captions on your post, the consumer will stay a lot longer.

As a brand you have to think of clever ways to keep people. For example the Toyota Corolla commercial with the song playing in the background ‘You don’t own me.’ The commercial is geared toward young millennials and the music played a major part to that.

One of the biggest challenges as a company is how do we solve for fragmentation – you have to build a multiple of creatives – the creative is super fragmented. Megan talks about how you need to be open to thinking about things a little bit differently, “change is actually a good thing.” You need to be able to tell your story 6-8 seconds vertically, and:

  • Think of yourself as the consumer
  • Be open to change
  • Turning your phone is hard
  • Let it happen

Vertical video is going to be important in the next five years, the trend line is going down for TV. Future is vertical video. At Allstate the digital budget is growing and growing – vertical video is important to be in-house, faster and cheaper.

1. It’s been proven that augmented reality is valuable and that it will continue to be valuable
2. You’ll see a shift away from the device that is being used and more towards wearables

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