Welcome to the Visual Economy: 4 Examples of Engaging Pinterest Campaigns

Reading Time: 3 Minutes

The immense power of Pinterest as an autonomous marketing platform intersecting search and social is a game changer. During this shift of power from sellers to consumers it’s even more critical that brands listen and learn the consumer’s new journey. The collation intent-based journey through Pinterest directly informs marketers with real time feedback from consumers, creating a unique opportunity to shape buyer preferences with targeted brand messages during the initial discovery phase. Pinterest’s user activity curating across an infinite number of topics, hobbies, and interests is a strong indicators to brands of what their consumers really want. Brands can determine what’s trending by analyzing what products are getting pinned and re-pinned the most. In turn brands can build their own curated inspiration boards, and engage in a mutually rewarding interaction with their customers to create better products and special loyalty offers. The evergreen nature of the platform provides a lasting added value.

Guided Search on Pinterest is the most effective way for a brand to capture the right consumer. The highly specific search terms that consumers use makes marketer’s keyword lists even more effective than traditional search because it leads to direct and clear examples of what consumers are thinking. The future opportunity with Pinterest is also clear with other current features like Organic App Installs and Rich Pins that provide additional real estate on the pin itself. There are also rumors of a buy button feature to be added in the near future. With these features there’s clearly an opportunity for brands to connect with consumers in a unique, creative way and exceed website traffic, engagement, and sales objectives.

Brands like Nordstrom, Caribou Coffee, Lowes, and Cosmopolitan are taking note of the power of Pinterest and exceeding their marketing goals.

Nordstrom – Top Pins 

The specialty fashion retailer with a customer-centric philosophy in everything they do has identified ways to hear consumer’s preferences through Pinterest. The retailer has used preferences from Pinterest to showcase the top pinned items with in-store merchandising, top pinned gifts on Nordstrom.com and has used this data to influence future buying. Nordstrom’s Social Media Manager, Bryan Galipeau, described Pinterest as “the world’s biggest wish list”. It’s clear that the retailer is thoughtfully using this wish list to provide a more focused product approach that matches consumer preferences and ultimately drives both in-store traffic and online sales.

Caribou Coffee – New Coffee Made from Pinterest 


Caribou Coffee didn’t want to just inspire its customers, they also wanted to be inspired by them. Caribou Coffee started using Pinterest to connect with their customers by creating boards of “Pins worth staying awake for.” In developing their “Real Inspiration Blend” they asked their most loyal fans what should be included in this new blend. Further, they asked users to pin images on Pinterest and Caribou would in turn incorporate these images into the blend of the coffee. They used a hint of Mango to tie in an image of the tropical rainforest, a bit of smokiness and marshmallow to include a picture of friends around a fire. The opportunity to be part of the creation of the “Real Inspiration Blend” lead to great enthusiasm and excitement from fans and allowed the brand to create stronger bond with it’s core consumers. When the new coffee launched Caribou kept inventing with a five story “Living Pinterest Board” in the Mall of America showing fan’s photos.

Lowe’s Doormat Project – What’s Trending 

Lowe’s has used Pinterest to understand colors and décor trending with their consumers. To empower people to take on their own projects and share ideas with like minded DIYers Lowe’s created a Creative Ideas section on their website. Consumers can use the “Pin It” button to save future project ideas. They also track what’s getting pinned on their site and in their email campaigns to understand the latest trends. If a product is getting a lot of pins from both their site and email marketing Lowe’ can feature it in other areas to drive more interest and future purchases. Within the creative ideas section they created a section for smaller home design projects to really empower consumers. They created a “Create your own colorful doormat project” that quickly became their most repined pin with more than 200,000 pins and reaffirmed Lowe’s strategy of empowering people to tackle DIY projects. The next time these consumers are looking to decorate or take on a new DIY project they will know where to find Pin-spiration among the Creative Ideas section on Lowes.com.

Cosmopolitan – Longevity Pins 

Cosmopolitan uses Pinterest to learn what inspires their readers and uses it to boost traffic to the website. Brian Madden, Vice President of Audience-Hearst Magazines, said that, “Pins have become votes on our content.” The magazine is finding that even old content has immense value, and Pinterest allowed Cosmopolitan to unlock this power of revisiting previous content. The Cosmopolitan, “20 Life-Changing Ways to use Bobby Pins” pin has been pinned 227,500+ times and continues to be a top driving source of traffic every month. This has increased Pinterest referral traffic for Cosmopolitan 715% year-over-year.