ICYMI: Examining Viewability, Paid Social Influencer Campaigns, and More

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This week: How marketers should think about viewability in terms of social advertising, tips to incorporate influencers in paid social strategies, and a look at fashion trends on Pinterest.

The Viewability Challenge: Should Advertisers Care? | Digital Marketing Magazine

Viewability, the metric of whether an advertisement is visible to users, is a hot topic in the digital ad space. What counts as a view varies across digital platforms, which makes it tricky for advertisers to use viewability as a metric for campaign success. Since social platforms and social media users play by their own rules, Adaptly Director of Media Operations James Rayner makes the case for questioning and redefining the metric of viewability when it comes to social advertising.

Make Influencer Marketing More Effective With These 5 Paid Social Strategies | Adaptly

Brands often partner with celebrities or social media influencers to promote products in their organic posts, but this strategy isn’t always extended to paid campaigns. With organic reach on the decline, putting paid media behind any content, especially influencer content, only furthers your brand’s message. Check out Adaptly’s latest blog post for five recommendations on how to make influencer campaigns more effective using paid social.

A Head-to-Toe Look at Our Style Stats | Pinterest for Business

Fashion is one of the top interests on Pinterest, with 70% of the platform’s users turning to Pinterest for style ideas at least once a week. Compared to non-Pinners, female Pinners are more inclined to buy new clothes, shoes, and accessories. With women’s apparel sales expected to grow more than $829 billion in the next five years, Pinterest is an ideal platform for retailers looking to reach fashion-minded consumers online. Download the full report for further insights into retail on Pinterest.