Video Trends to Watch in 2016

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Earlier this year, an Adaptly and Refinery29 study was released indicating that the use of preview trailers and sequenced video can increase the viewability of long-form video. Adaptly’s president weighs in now on trends in video that brands need to be ready for in 2016.

Kristina: Do you think the future of online video viewing is on direct platforms such as YouTube, or will we find it on third-party sites, like Facebook? Why?

Sean O’Neal, President, Adaptly: I think more “linear” video platform like YouTube will continue to flourish as they provide a viewing experience that is similar to television. There is something inherently familiar about pre-roll and mid-roll ads, particularly for later generations who are comfortable with linear viewing experiences like television. However, as time spent online grows overall, a significant percentage of that incremental time spent is on autonomous marketing platforms like Facebook where there is an entirely new and unique consumer behavior.

The “news feed” experience is quickly becoming the preferred mobile content format and Facebook has perfected the act of delivering various media formats, including video. Particularly for younger generations whose first (and sometimes only) device is a mobile phone, consuming video content alongside the rest of the content in their Facebook news feed is the more natural preference.

Kristina: How can Facebook monetize what you find in your study — using the subtitles to increase engagement?

Sean: We have already begun recommending marketing strategies to our video advertisers based on the findings of this study. As these approaches improve campaign performance and advertiser ROI, the expectation is that we (and Facebook) will see increased investments from video advertisers over time.

Kristina: Does the fact that people are now watching more longform video generally online than they did a few years ago help a third-party server such as Facebook? Why or why not?

Sean: It creates more opportunities for Facebook to connect brands with audiences in relevant and valuable ways. In this particular case, it was Refinery29 who experimented with delivering long-form video in Facebook’s news feed so they led the innovation. But Facebook and partners like Adaptly can now think about ways to package up solutions around these insights.

Kristina: What are some other trends in online video you’re keeping abreast of with regard to advertising?

Sean: Video advertising on the mobile messaging applications is going to be a big opportunity. Platforms like Kik and Snapchat have already begun introducing multi-media experiences and these platforms have some of the most highly engaged audiences.

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