ICYMI: Social Advertising Tips for Valentine’s Day, New Features on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

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In this week’s edition of ‘In Case You Missed It,’ we have everything you need to know about paid social around Valentine’s Day and the scoop on how the newest features on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are making life easier for users and advertisers alike.

7 Tips to Spice Up Social Advertising for Valentine’s Day | SocialTimes

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and Ruth Arber, director of solutions at Adaptly, has several tips to make the holiday sweet for advertisers using paid social. Over half the US population celebrates Valentine’s Day and spends upwards of $19 billion on gifts like jewelry, chocolate and greeting cards. Half of those consumers will shop online via mobile devices and social media, leaving a large opportunity for advertisers to reach their lovestruck audiences. Read on to see how you can best take advantage of Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter this Valentine’s Day.

Introducing First View | Twitter Blog

Twitter introduced First View, a new ad feature that allows brands to purchase the top timeline ad slot for a 24-hour period. This opportunity for exclusive ownership of Twitter’s most valuable advertising real estate will enable marketers to share their brand story across the platform. The First View slot will be the first ad users see when they log into their accounts, making the audience reach significantly broader than through Promoted Trends and Moments alone.

Instagram App Now Allows Multiple Accounts. Here’s How To Do It | Forbes

Instagrammers everywhere rejoiced this week at the announcement that users will now be able to switch back and forth between accounts without having to log out of the app. Before the account toggling feature, it was inconvenient for users with multiple accounts, like brand managers and bloggers (and possibly Fake Instagrammers a.k.a. Finstagrammers), to manage their personas within the app. Forbes calls this one of Instagram’s “most eagerly anticipated features” and predicts that the ease of switching between multiple accounts will lead to a massive increase in the number of registered Instagram users.

Instagram now shows how many times your videos have been viewed | The Verge

Right on the heels of enabling users to switch between accounts, Instagram will now show users how many times a video post has been viewed. The amount of time people spend watching videos on the platform has jumped 40%, and views are the best metric for users and advertisers to understand how people are engaging with their content. A view will be counted after 3 seconds, same as on Facebook, and the view count will be displayed in place of the likes count. Likes will still be accessible through a single click. This development will allow advertisers to gauge how successful their Instagram video ads are compared to ads on video platforms like YouTube and Vine.

Facebook Will Start Automatically Captioning Video Ads | AdAge

As video consumption on Facebook continues to skyrocket, the social network has decided to further facilitate engagement by adding subtitles. Videos in the News Feed play automatically without sound, but Facebook research has found that 41% of videos are meaningless without the audio. To reduce friction in getting users to engage with video content, Facebook is offering to add captions to advertiser’s videos for them. Facebook has found that captions increase video view time by 12%

Facebook’s findings mirrored research from Adaptly’s joint study with Refinery29. Our results indicate that subtitles increase completion by 4% and overall engagement by 65%. To read the full study, check out our whitepaper.