Using Paid Social for Successful Halloween Marketing Results

Reading Time: 2 Minutes

A study from the National Retail Federation reveals that about half of Americans (157 million) plan to celebrate Halloween this year and total spending is predicted to reach $6.9 billion. Sandwiched between Back-to-School and the holiday season, Halloween is an opportune occasion for marketers to get a piece of the (pumpkin) pie by experimenting with paid advertising on autonomous marketing platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

A Pew Research Center survey found that more than a quarter of online adults use Pinterest, with 18-29 year olds accounting for 34% of the visual bookmarking tool’s user base, followed by 28% from the 30-49 demographic group. Marketers can launch timely campaigns to connect with these social-savvy consumers in the context of their Halloween research, which can begin well before October 31. Research by Prosper Insights & Analytics for the National Retail Federation revealed:

  • Almost one-third of US adult internet users shop before October even begins
  • 43.3% start in the first two weeks of the month
  • 24.6% are last-minute shoppers that take action in the last two weeks of October

If marketers schedule Promoted Pins accordingly, their brands can be front and center when consumers scour Pinterest to get inspiration and decide on Halloween purchases: a survey from MillwardBrown Digital found that 93% of Pinterest users that were active on the site within the past six months used it to plan purchases. Marketers can nudge shoppers along crucial stages of the conversion funnel and with an appropriate attribution window in place, track engagement such as repins and closeups in the short- and long-term (the latter called “downstream activity”).

With 23% of Internet users on Twitter, the social channel is another avenue for companies to engage with consumers through more personal communications related to Halloween. Promoted Tweets give a boost to compelling brand content, especially visual media such as infographics with DIY decoration ideas or videos with tips on how to throw the most epic monster bash.

When Promoted Tweets are ready to go, Twitter’s targeting options ensure they reach the timelines of the right audience. Through enhanced relevancy, these Tweets can drive high engagement, improve brand sentiment, and foster referrals through word-of-mouth.

Advertising on autonomous marketing platforms should be part of an integrated media strategy which is informed and optimized by data. Brands can break down campaigns into simple experiments with minimal spend in order to gain insights on what creative, copy, and targeting are most effective before making bigger investments. Planning advertising around Halloween doesn’t have to be scary at all.