Two Brands That Use Pinterest With Great Success

Reading Time: 2 Minutes

As Pinterest draws more attention as a marketing channel, let’s look at a couple of campaigns – from two divergent sectors: home décor and dairy products – that used slightly different approaches to harvest the outcomes they wanted from Pinterest.

1) Framebridge aimed to drive on-site conversions. In past campaigns, Framebridge launched thousands of Pins at a time, with one keyword per Pin. But Adaptly, a media technology company that enables successful advertising on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Kik, matched one Pin to hundreds of terms (such as Competitors, Mother’s Day, Gifts, Art, Home) for greater scale, targeting efficiency and better response. Adaptly also optimized the campaign to the Pins that drove the most conversions, including directing Pinners to the desktop site to ensure they had an optimal site experience.

As a result, Framebridge beat previous cost per conversions after only one week of the campaign being live. It also generated 78% of conversions from competitor targeting and improved cost per click by 29% throughout the campaign “By working with Adaptly, we were able to launch a more efficient and relevant campaign that moved Pinners along the funnel to conversion,” says Matt Carrington, VP of Marketing, FRAMEBRIDGE.

2) Anderson Erickson DAIRY launched their “From Our Kitchen” campaign aiming to drive users to their site. They captured user’s attention by showcasing a multitude of delicious recipes featuring their fresh, healthy ingredients. Using a variety of recipe Rich Pins in a tightly geo-targeted campaign, Adaptly was tasked with identifying appropriate targeting tactics and strategic optimizations to overcome limited reach and maximum competition on a platform filled with recipe Pins and Pinners.

Adaptly worked closely with The Richards Group to identify targeting terms that boosted reach within a very geo-specific target. A combination of native ad formats and aggressive bidding strategies made sure users saw and engaged with the content.

Given the limited reach for the campaign (only two DMAs) Adaptly monitored bids and pace closely, developing a bidding strategy that made sure they could reach those users and drive traffic to their site. Furthermore, the use of Rich Pins provided higher visibility and easier access to relevant information to these qualified targets.

The results were gratifying for AE, which experienced a 16% increase in CTR over the course of the campaign and added an additional 10% of engagement as well as impressions through earned media.

“Pinterest is a relatively new platform for advertisers, but we’ve seen clients gain traction with consumers if they pair strategic targeting with useful, high-quality content. And since Pins live forever, brands can earn reach, engagement, and conversions well after a campaign is officially over,” says Charlie Neer, SVP Revenue, North America at Adaptly.

The original article can be found on SocialMediaToday.