ICYMI: Twitter’s Universal Website Tag, Pinterest’s International Expansion, Snapchat Chat 2.0

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Twitter Simplifies Conversion Tracking and Audience Segmentation with Universal Tag | MarketingLand

In an effort to make it easier for advertisers to track website conversions and manage tailored audience campaigns, Twitter has introduced a new universal website tag. Previously, in order to track conversion events and build separate tailored audiences, advertisers would have to add a separate piece of code to each event. With the universal website tag, advertisers can now install a single section of code to the global header of their site to track all conversion events and tailor audiences. The universal tag facilitates the build of up to 200 audiences, compared to the single tag’s 25 audience limit. This update gives advertiser increased flexibility and allows for more advanced measuring and precise targeting.

What Marketers Should Know About Snapchat’s Update | AdAge

Snapchat has upped its chat game with a new updated entitled Chat 2.0. Now, users can place video calls, send audio messages, use over 200 stickers, and send multiple photos at once within the app. The goal is to take the best parts of face-to-face interactions and pull them into a single interface, hopefully making Chat 2.0 the best way to communicate via mobile phones. This update also provides enhanced opportunities for brands to communicate with the consumers that follow them on the platform. Messenger apps have been revolutionizing the way consumers interact with brands, and Snapchat’s update brings the two one step closer together.

Pinterest Gets Its First President as It Eyes International Revenue | Fortune

Pinterest has its eye on international expansion and has promoted Tim Kendall to President of the company to oversee growing the platform’s user base overseas. Currently, nearly half of active users are based outside of the US. As is the case with Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest hopes to expand its international presence to boost revenue. Part of the expansion will include selling advertisements in foreign markets. Pinterest has promised ads in all English-speaking countries by the end of the year.

Coming Soon: Longer Video on Instagram | Instagram Blog

With Instagram video consumption up 40% in the last six months, the photo- and video-sharing app has announced that it will be expanding its video time limit from 15 seconds to 60 seconds for all users. This move will hopefully encourage more video uploads to the site. The update will also allow iOS users to upload multiple video clips from their photo libraries and splice them together in Instagram. This announcement reflects the continued dominance of video content in social media, which doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.