ICYMI: Twitter Continues to Bet Big with Live Video, Announces 14 Content Deals

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This week: Facebook reports another quarter of impressive earnings and user growth, Twitter focuses on livestreaming with 14 major deals, Adaptly explains why social advertising can make a better bang for your buck than TV, and Snapchat debuts Snap Ads Max Reach.

Facebook Q1 Earnings: $8 Billion in Revenue, Beat Across the Board | Business Insider

Facebook continues its winning streak with another quarter of stellar earnings. Q1 of 2017 saw a 49% year-over-year increase in revenue to $8.03 billion, far exceeding expectations. Facebook now has 1.94 billion monthly active users and 1.82 billion daily active users and is holding strong as the world’s largest social platform. The company sees Instagram and the video ad format as its primary growth drivers moving forward. Ad revenue is up 106% from Q1 of 2016, clocking in at $3.9 billion.

Twitter Pushes Live-Video Deals With MLB, NFL, Viacom, BuzzFeed, Live Nation, WNBA and More | Variety

Livestreaming continues to be a priority for Twitter, as evident through the announcement of 14 new, renewed, or expanded deals for live premium content. These deals will give Twitter extensive exclusive content across sports, concerts, news, and entertainment from partners that include the NFL, WNBA, Viacom, BuzzFeed, Bloomberg Media, Live Nation, and more. Twitter has long been known as a real-time news platform, and this arsenal of live video content will solidify its place as a go-to destination for live content and breaking news.

Snap Ads Max Reach is Snapchat’s Version of the Home Page Takeover | MarketingLand

Snapchat is introducing an ad buying option that will guarantee a brand’s ad will be served to every US user who is shown a Snap Ad on a given day. This placement, called Snap Ads Max Reach, will apply to ads between users’ Stories, ads within curated Our Stories, and ads within a publisher’s Discover channel. Similar to Instagram’s Marquee and Twitter’s First View options, Max Reach will ensure wide visibility for advertisers who take advantage of this latest offering.

Why Social Could be Better Bang for your Buck than TV | Digital Marketing Magazine

With TV ad spend expected to shrink by 0.5% in 2017, social advertising is seeing a surge of 28%. Adaptly EMEA Client Partner Emily Huff makes the case for social advertising as an alternative to funneling ad dollars (or pounds) into TV. When taking into account the wide reach, extensive targeting and measurement capabilities, and popularity of social platforms, concentrating advertising efforts on this medium is a no-brainer.