ICYMI: Adaptly Client trivago Finds Success With Snap Ads

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This week: A Snap Ads success story for Adaptly client trivago, why Facebook’s dynamic ads will oust third-party retargeting, striking the right balance with targeting on social, and new video capabilities for Facebook.

trivago | Adaptly

Less than a year after the debut of Snapchat’s API, Adaptly’s clients are already seeing great success running campaigns. trivago, a hotel price comparison platform, worked with Adaptly to promote its Nasdaq Stock Market debut on Snapchat. Adaptly used Snap Lifestyle Categories to target young, financially-savvy users, and ultimately delivered 2.5 million impressions across Snapchat. Download the case study for more information about how trivago was able to reach relevant users and achieve 49,000 completed Top Snaps.

5 Reasons Facebook Dynamic Ads Will Oust Third-Party Retargeting | Adaptly

As Facebook beefs up its dynamic ads, Adaptly Account Director Amy Page predicts that third-party retargeting companies will no longer have a place on the platform. Dynamic ads on Facebook allow advertisers to upload their product catalog and reach users leveraging first-party data or retarget users based on their website activity. Third-party retargeting companies, on the other hand, gather ad inventory from various sources and exchanges, often heavily inflating margins. Check out Amy’s argument for why Facebook’s dynamic ad product will push these third-party companies out of the mix.

Social Media Audiences: Can Targeting Ever Be Too Narrow? | The Drum

One of the best features of social advertising is the personalization and targeting capabilities provided by each platform. Advertisers are able to tailor social campaigns based on things like demographics, interests, and purchase history, which allows them to reach millions of consumers with highly personalized messaging. However, sometimes that level of personalization can become too narrow. In a blog post on Adaptly’s new profile hub on The Drum, our London team digs into the level of personalization best suited to each stage of the purchase funnel and how to strike the proper balance between extensive targeting and broader reach.

New Ways to Watch Facebook Video | Facebook Newsroom

To accommodate the popularity of video in the News Feed, Facebook is adding new video features to its platform. Videos automatically play with the sound off, but will soon start playing with sound if users do not have their phones set to silent and vertical videos on mobile will fill the whole screen. Facebook is also testing a feature that allows users to minimize videos to a picture-in-picture view so they can continue watching as they scroll through the rest of the Feed. And finally, a Facebook Video App for TV is in the works. The app will be available on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Samsung Smart TV and will enable people to watch videos from Facebook on the big(ger) screen.