ICYMI: How Marketers Should Think About Advertising With VR

Reading Time: 2 Minutes

This week: What the future of VR means for marketers, how brands can reach summertime foodies with social advertising, why evolving ad formats pose challenges for advertisers, and the scoop on Snapchat’s latest update.

How Quickly Will Marketers Transform Video Advertising With Virtual Reality? | MediaPost

Virtual reality is here. VR headset sales are up 70% year-over-year since Q1 of 2017 and most retail for less than the cost of a smartphone. The assimilation of VR into everyday life begs the question of when advertisers are going to start taking full advantage of the medium. Adaptly Content Marketing Director Sarah Maloy shares some practical applications of VR for marketers, along with a few predictions on the future of virtual reality and advertising.

How to Target Summer Foodies on Social | Digital Marketing Magazine

Summertime is steeped in food traditions like ice cream, watermelons, and barbeque. To reach summertime foodies on social media, brands need to take a customized, multi-channel approach and strike the right note with the right audience at the right time. Adaptly Client Partner Emily Huff provides tips for how brands can use ad formats across Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter to engage with hungry consumers.

Six-Second Ads Require New Storytelling Format | MediaPost

Digital video ads range anywhere from six seconds to a full minute, and the industry norm changes constantly. Between platform rules and changing ad formats, advertisers often struggle to keep up with the latest evolution. Adaptly’s VP of Accounts, Lisa Cucinotta, explains that “it’s hard for brands to shoot a storyline that is adaptable to a variety of formats and lengths, and expensive to produce ads that are just for one format.” Read the full article to see how companies like Adaptly are helping advertisers solve for creative evolution.

Snapchat Adds Multi-Snap Recording and Photoshop-Style Editing Features | The Verge

Snapchat’s latest update will allow users to record up to a minute of video footage at once, then pick the best clips to send out or save to a Story. Video snaps previously timed out at 10 seconds, making capturing the right footage at the right time a challenge for users. Now the app will record up to six 10-second clips for users to choose from. Additionally, Snapchat has added a photo editing feature called “tint brush” that changes the color of objects in a photo snap.