ICYMI: Adaptly Success Stories and the Dominance of Social Video

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This week: Success stories for UK clients iD Mobile and Currys PC World, Adaptly recommendations around real-time video content, and the bright future of social video ad spend.

iD Mobile Case Study | Adaptly

iD Mobile, a mobile virtual network operator in the UK, turned to Adaptly and agency Blue449 to develop a mobile-first Facebook strategy aimed at driving awareness of the brand. The campaign targeted iD Mobile’s core audience of young Brits with a theme of individuality, using the hashtag #DoYourOwnThing. The messaging reached over 8.9 million people, and achieved 46% of the total reach within the first week alone. Download the Adaptly success story to find out how iD Mobile surpassed view targets by 114%.

The Power of Real-Time Content | The Drum

With video dominating social media platforms through innovative formats like livestreaming and Stories, an abundance of opportunities has emerged for brands to use video to connect with consumers. To make the most of all that video has to offer and determine which format to use and when, brands should decide what audience they want to reach, fine-tune creative to get the message across, and stay true to their brand voice. For full insights, check out the full article on Adaptly’s profile hub on The Drum.

Social Video Ad Spend will Double in 2017 | Business Insider

Social video is off to a great start in 2017 and will only continue to grow. Over the course of the year, social video ad spend is expected to double to over $4 billion, or one-third of all US digital video ad sales. Overall digital ad spend will claim 40% of total spend this year and 50% by 2021. Find out how video is changing the game for social media platforms and eating into linear TV ad sales.

Adaptly Drives Increased Black Friday ROI for Currys PC World | ExchangeWire.com

To capitalize on Black Friday sales and maintain momentum over the Christmas period, UK electronic retailer Currys PC World worked with Adaptly and agency Blue449 to create Dynamic Products Ads (DPAs) on Facebook. DPAs allow brands to upload their product catalogs to Facebook in order to serve ads of individual product items, including real-time pricing and availability. Adaptly’s strategy of re-engaging lapsed customers with DPAs on Facebook ensured a targeted approach across all seven product sets with an understanding of previous consumer behaviour. Over the course of the campaign, DPA activity drove an impressive number of tracked orders at an average ROI of 3.60x. For full campaign details, download the Adaptly success story.