‘Telling Impactful Stories With Social Video’: Join Adaptly at #SMWLondon

Reading Time: 1 Minute

Social Media Week London, one of the UK’s leading advertising industry events, is right around the corner. This year Adaptly is hosting a session, “Telling Impactful Stories With Social Video”, featuring panelists from Twitter and Carphone Warehouse. Hosted by Adaptly President Sean O’Neal, we’ll discuss the rapid evolution of social video and how advertisers can make the most of new ad products while catering to changing user behaviours.

From the early days of YouTube to effortless livestreaming on a smartphone, social video has progressed immensely over the past decade. New and quickly-evolving formats allow advertisers to maximise their impact on mobile, delivering an immersive and engaging experience with 100% share of screen real estate.

With formats constantly evolving and each platform measuring results differently, it can be a challenge for advertisers to unlock their potential and deliver against real-world objectives. People in the UK spend an average of 53 minutes watching digital video every day, so advertisers can’t afford to ignore the opportunities presented by this highly engaging format.

Our panelists will discuss all this and more during Social Media Week as we explore the impact of social video. If you’re visiting SMW London this year, join us Wednesday, 13th September at 10am on Stage 1. Or follow the discussion on Twitter with #AdaptlySMW and @Adaptly. We hope to see you there!