Swimwear Season? It is For Marketers on Pinterest

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Swimwear may be the last thing on your mind while you wait for your car to defrost, but social media advertising agency Adaptly used it to illustrate how marketers on Pinterest need to plan ahead.

Adaptly shared the infographic below, which points out facts about swimwear on Pinterest, including:

  • There are nearly 200 million swimwear ideas on Pinterest, with 90 percent of those on women’s fashion boards.
  • Peak search activity for the category starts in February and runs through June.
  • Don’t forget teens, as they begin shopping in January for swimwear for their spring breaks.
  • Older millennials are also a ripe market, as they are interested in big vacations and fitness.

The original article showcasing Adaptly’s infographic can be found on Adweek SocialTimes.