Sweep Up Returns On Promoted Pins About Spring Cleaning

Reading Time: 2 Minutes

Whether people have been inspired by Marie Kondo’s book on tidying up or just the changing seasons, spring cleaning is in full swing. Related searches and Pins on Pinterest are on the upswing. The platform’s internal data reveals that in the U.S.:

— More than 150k people have searched about spring cleaning
— There have been over 275k searches so far this year around spring cleaning
— More than 1 million people have saved spring cleaning content
— There are 2 million+ spring cleaning Pins on Pinterest

This positive momentum around spring cleaning is expected to continue on Pinterest through April. With 75% of saved content on Pinterest originally coming from a business, big box retailers and consumer packaged goods advertisers should act quickly and take advantage of this spike in search volume as Pinners plan everything from how to organize their refrigerator to a weekend purge of their entire home as part of their spring cleaning ritual. Companies reach high-intent, motivated Pinners through keyword and interest targeting.

How long does it take your brand to iterate on creative? If there would be lots of red tape for approvals or your company is strapped for resources, consider repurposing assets from other channels. This will allow you to maintain consistent branding across platforms. Another option: evaluate existing organic Pins and promote the top performers with ad spend.

Leverage creative that’s future-oriented and actionable, since 93% of Pinners use Pinterest to plan for or make purchases. Helpful content with hacks, how-tos, and checklists — featuring relevant products like gloves, cleaning supplies, etc. – can enable you to boost your brand’s presence during the Pinner journey through the purchase funnel and encourage engagement.

Engagement on Pinterest ultimately drives business results. According to Pinterest, compared to those who only see a Pin:

— Pinners who click through to a business site are 4 to 5x more likely to sign up or buy something
— Pinners who repin or tap for a closeup of a Pin are 1.5x more likely to buy something

As the attribution window widens, businesses can gain extra distribution of content at no cost through user repins. Many advertisers see up to a 61% drop in cost-per-acquisition due to earned media.

So while spring’s a big season for deep cleaning, Pinners can have a spotless home year-round  — and companies can reap benefits as well.

The original article can be found on MediaPost.