ICYMI: Paid Social Tips for the Super Bowl, Instagram Debuts Longer Video Ads, Facebook and Twitter Team Up

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Welcome to the second installment of ‘In Case You Missed It’ – your one-stop shop for the week’s top social advertising news. Super Bowl 50 dominated the headlines as brands gear up for the big showdown, with many ditching the TV screen and taking campaigns online instead. If you aren’t second-screening, you’re missing half of the gameday action. Be sure to tune in!

Will Social Media Win the Super Bowl? | MediaPost

The role that social media will play in Super Bowl 50 is the big question for advertisers this year, and MediaPost tapped Adaptly President Sean O’Neal for his take on the matter. The main perk of social media platforms, according to O’Neal, is that they allow marketers to benefit from continued engagement with the game after it’s over. In the days afterwards, there will be jokes about the halftime show plus memes and discussions about the best and worst TV ads, giving brands the perfect opportunity to promote their content during the ongoing conversation.

6 Ways to Win Big with Paid Social This Super Bowl | SocialTimes

Super Bowl 50 is going to be huge this Sunday. Last year’s Big Game was the most-watched event in US television history, and viewers are increasingly engaging with social media while they watch. 87% of game-related posts come from mobile, and the most successful Super Bowl advertisers implement a cross-channel strategy. Ruth Arber, Adaptly’s Director of Solutions, has several tips for brands to create buzz in the days leading up to the game using Pinterest and leverage key moments throughout the action to drive real-time engagement on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Here’s How Many Digital Ads You Could Buy for the Price of a Super Bowl Commercial | Adweek

Many brands are skipping the $5 million price tag for a Super Bowl commercial but can still reach millions of people by going digital. Adweek spoke with buyers and other experts to break down how far the cost of a TV ad can take you. Spoiler alert: it goes a long way. Instead of a 30 second TV spot, you could buy 5 custom Twitter Emojis, 12.5 days of Sponsored Snaps on Snapchat, 10.5 premium Instagram Campaigns, 100-200 Snapchat Influencers, or 250 million Facebook Video Views.

Instagram Now Allows 60 Second Video Ads | VentureBeat

Instagram debuted longer video ads just in time for Super Bowl Sunday; video ads were previously capped at 30 seconds. Now brands will be able to serve a full minute of video content to Instagram’s 400 million monthly users. Doubling the allotted time gives advertisers more flexibility in creating content and allows them to repurpose commercials on Instagram instead of potentially having to shorten video. Users still only get 15 seconds to share their own content.

Facebook and Twitter: Users Process Mobile Content Faster | Ad Age

Facebook and Twitter teamed up to announce that research conducted independently led them to the same conclusion: content consumption in mobile feeds is inherently different than content consumption elsewhere. By different, they mean faster. People consume content on Facebook mobile at 1.7 seconds compared to 2.5 seconds on desktop–a trend confirmed by Twitter eye-tracking research. Remarkably, this rate of consumption does not affect recall: only .25 seconds of exposure are needed to recall content. Findings also reveal that after watching the first 3 seconds of a video, 65% of users will go on to watch 10 seconds and 45% will continue to watch for 30 seconds, making the first few seconds of any video content crucial for retaining viewers.