ICYMI: Snapchat and Instagram Update Stories

Reading Time: 2 Minutes

This week: Snapchat and Instagram make updates to their stories features, Pinterest expands the capabilities of its visual search tool Lens, and Adaptly team members provide insights into Facebook Lead Ads and why retail brands need to be taking advantage of paid social.

A Whole New Story | Snap Inc.

Snapchat has once again reinvented the way people use social media to share their experiences with the world. Snapchat Stories let users share their own photo and video clips with their followers, and now custom Stories allow multiple users to contribute to the same Story that can be viewed by the users of their choosing. Perfect for a weekend away or a birthday party, custom Stories will allow Snapchat followers to experience one event through the perspectives of multiple users.

Introducing Location and Hashtag Stories on Explore | Instagram Blog

Instagram user stories are now being aggregated by location and hashtags. Users will be able to view stories with hashtags or location stickers through the Explore tab. This feature will give users a unique and multifaceted view into what’s going on in a given city or at a particular event. Instagram is all about exploration and inspiration, and now more users will be able to discover more about locations and topics that interest them.

Pinterest Brings Full Dish Recognition to its Lens Camera Search | TechCrunch

Exciting new features will soon be available through Pinterest’s Lens tool. Lens has the capability to recognize objects through a user’s camera within the Pinterest app. The first iteration was limited to individual food items or objects, but now Lens will be able to recognize complete dishes. To complement this, Pinterest has beefed up its recipe Pins and recommendations, which will help users get inspiration for the ingredients they have on hand. As Lens continues to evolve, the potential for object-recognition technology will surely excite users and advertisers alike.

How Brands Can Improve Customer Acquisition with Facebook Lead Ads | Adaptly

Looking to acquire new business leads for your brand? Look no further than Facebook Lead Ads. This ad format makes it easy for users to learn more information about a brand or sign up for a service by pre-populating their contact information directly into the form, removing most barriers to lead generation. Adaptly Client Strategy Manager Victoria Fortnum shares six tips for planning a successful lead ads campaign and two Adaptly success stories to help brands get started.  

Retail Brands are Missing a Trick: Paid Social has Impact | Digital Marketing Magazine

With its first-party data, granular targeting, and rich variety of ad formats, paid social represents an advertising opportunity that retailers cannot afford to ignore. Billions of people across the world access social platforms every day, presenting an enormous, highly-engaged audiences for brands to tap into. Adaptly’s Rob Kabrovski, VP of Accounts in EMEA, delves into the specific benefits of social advertising and makes a compelling case as to why retailers should jump on the bandwagon before it’s too late.