ICYMI: Real-time sports marketing tips, Instagram testing an algorithmic feed, Facebook’s new measurement metrics

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It’s Friday so that means ‘In Case You Missed It’ is here! Here’s the scoop on social advertising news you might have missed this week:

How To Amplify Live TV Spots With Social Media Placements | MediaPost

73% of Facebook users access their mobile devices while watching TV and 85% of people using Twitter during primetime hours report tweeting about TV. Real-time marketing during live TV events is a great opportunity for brands to reach second-screening audiences, and Adaptly’s Stacey Weller, Client Strategy Manager, has several tips to help marketers join the conversation. Knowing your audience, choosing the right platform, drafting content ahead of time, and being bold are surefire ways to reach the right fans during the big game.

Instagram May Change Your Feed, Personalizing It With an Algorithm | The New York Times

Following in the footsteps of parent company Facebook and more recently Twitter, Instagram has announced that it will be testing a personalized, algorithmic feed for its users. This update would prioritize photos and videos that Instagram thinks each user would most want to see from the people they interact with most, and place them at the top of the feed regardless of what time they were posted. According to Instagram’s Co-founder and CEO, people miss 70% of the posts in their feed, so adding an algorithm would ensure that the 30% they do see are the best 30% for them. Instagram will begin by testing the switch with a small percentage of users before gradually rolling it out if the algorithm is deemed a good fit for the platform.

Why You Need to Add Snapchat to Your Marketing Arsenal | SocialTimes

Marketers can no longer afford to overlook Snapchat as a means of reaching younger audiences. Millennials are spending more and more time in messaging apps like Snapchat, and even choosing to engage with brand content. Users follow other users on Snapchat by seeking them out directly, so marketers can be sure that their followers are genuinely interested in the brand and actively seeking authentic content. Snapchat provides marketers an opportunity to reward loyal followers by providing behind-the-scenes action that users can’t see anywhere else. Marketers have already begun reaping the rewards of engaging with fans in such a personal way and it is only a matter of time before more brands join the platform.

Facebook Debuts ‘Lift API’ to Give More Marketers Ability to Study Ads’ Impact | Adweek

Facebook has announced the addition of two new measurement tools: a Lift API and a conversion attribution tool. The first will allow advertisers, third-party measurement partners, and Facebook Marketing Partners like Adaptly to gauge the effectiveness of marketing efforts and create their own lift studies for conversion rates, sales, and mobile app installs. The conversion attribution tool aims to help marketers understand which of their ads are actually leading to bottom-funnel conversions. Cookies and clicks are ineffective ways for marketers to determine what drives people to purchase, so this move towards people-based measurement will inform which ads are driving business value.