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Analysis & Reporting

Make informed decisions now and in the future.

Monitor Performance

Review campaign performance through in-depth reports and cross-channel spend in real-time via dashboard access.

Global Navigation

Navigate between Campaign Management, Conversion Pixels, and Audience Lists.

Search and Filter

Search by name or filter on status to quickly get to the subset of data you’d like to see.

Drill Down

With one or more campaigns selected, click the tab to the right to drill down further into those specific campaign contents.


Pivot on a variety of fields to see aggregates across data subsets. Collapse and expand the pivoted data based on your desired data granularity.

Column Manipulations

Drag and drop columns to set up a customized view. Click the column header to sort by a specifc column.

Data Ranges

Select the relevant date ranges for the data in your view.

Data Export

Download your on-screen view straight to csv with a single click.

Switch Accounts and Publishers

If you have more than one account and/or publisher, you can toggle between them here.

Saved Views

Access relevant, default views or create and save your own. Views can be named, saved, modifed and deleted.

Column Selector

Select the columns you want to include in your views.

"The team at Adaptly is instrumental in running successful and efficient campaigns for my advertisers. They excel at client communication, real-time optimization, and reporting, which makes my job a whole lot easier!"

Blair Walker, PepsiCo Account Executive, Twitter

How Can We Measure Success?

Customized Reports

Receive in-depth weekly reports highlighting meaningful data, trends, and learnings.

Tracking Guidance

Working with your measurement and attribution models, Adaptly provides holistic recommendations to track everything from brand lift to in-store traffic generated from ad campaigns. We leverage a combination of platform solutions and best-in-class data partners, including Nielsen, ComScore, Axciom, Epsilon, Moat, and Oracle Data Cloud (Datalogix and BlueKai).

Dashboard Access

Review campaign performance and media spend in real-time. Toggle between accounts and marketing channels, drilling down into the most relevant data for specific date ranges. Personalize and save user views, then export them to CSV with a single click. In short, the dashboard is customizable by metrics, personalizable by user.

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