ICYMI: Social Tips for the Holidays, Multi-Touch Attribution, & More

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This week: An Adaptly whitepaper complete with social tips for the holidays, how advertisers should prepare for Christmas in the UK, and Adaptly’s POV on the challenge of attribution in upper-funnel marketing efforts.

A Complete Guide to the Holidays: How to Boost Seasonal Campaigns & Creative | Adaptly

Holiday season campaign planning can be stressful. Breaking through the noise during a highly-saturated time is challenging for advertisers, especially on social platforms that demand quality creative and engaging ads. Luckily, Adaptly has created a comprehensive whitepaper to cover every aspect of social advertising around the holiday season. From top creative trends to holiday timing recommendations, the holiday whitepaper has everything you need to plan a successful social strategy and make the most of this $1.3 trillion retail season.

Christmas 2017 for Retailers – Careful Planning for Paid Social Advertising Success | Retail Briefing

In the UK, the holiday season looks a bit different. Christmas dominates the scene, with shoppers spending over £805 million on Christmas Day alone. Adaptly’s London team shares key tips to help UK advertisers find success with social advertising this Christmas. Starting early, testing as you go, and bidding aggressively are the best ways to capture holiday shoppers on social. For Adaptly’s complete UK Christmas guide, download our holiday whitepaper.

Attribution – The Challenge of Upper-Funnel Measurement | Digital Doughnut

One of the biggest challenge for marketers is tying upper-funnel advertising efforts back to offline ROI. Connecting branding campaigns to eventual revenue can be tricky, but fortunately there are ways for advertisers to prove how an upper-funnel branding activity drives business outcomes later on down the funnel. Adaptly VP of Accounts Rob Kabrovski delves into the “attribution illusion” and discusses how advertisers can employ a multi-touch attribution system to give purchase credit where it’s due.