ICYMI: Standouts at Social Media Week, How Pinterest Drives Purchases, Live Video in News Feed

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After the whirlwind of Social Media Week and Adaptly’s 6th Birthday party last week, we’ve taken the time to reflect on what we learned at the conference and look ahead to new updates from our partners.

Highlights from Social Media Week NYC | Adaptly

Our own Missy Goss, Content Marketing Manager, recaps key takeaways from Social Media Week. One big insight from the event is that social networks aren’t so much about “social” anymore and it’s just an element of the user experience on platforms like Pinterest. Mike Akkerman of Pinterest discussed how his platform is aspirational for consumers and has deep commercial intent. Panelists also covered a lot about the relationship between Instagram and brands. For instance, nearly half of all Instagram users follow businesses and 34% have visited a site for more information.

The Standout Star of Social Media Week: Snapchat | MediaPost

Snapchat was a hot topic at Social Media Week and many marketers have their sights set on the mobile app to reach younger audiences. 60% of 13-24 year-old mobile consumers in the US are on Snapchat and there are over 100 million daily active users, 6 billion daily views, and 400 million snaps sent per day. More of an upper-funnel solution (at least for now), Snapchat represents an opportunity for brands to build a corporate narrative and reach consumers that they’re not connected to on other channels in an authentic and engaging way. There is plenty of room for this new storytelling platform to grow, and marketers eagerly await the evolution.

How Pinterest Drives Purchases Online and Off | Pinterest for Business

Pinterest is known as a site where people go to be inspired by ideas, but the latest numbers prove that it is also a site that inspires them to shop. 93% of Pinners have used Pinterest to plan for or make purchases and 52% have seen something on the site and made a purchase online. Whether Pinners buy the exact item they saw on the platform or something like it, they are twice as likely to buy products in-store after engaging with Pins than non-Pinners. This is especially true for food products, beauty products, clothing, and arts and crafts.

News Feed FYI: Taking into Account Live Video When Ranking Feed | Facebook Newsroom

Facebook announced that it is giving greater priority to Facebook Live videos by making them more likely to appear higher in the News Feed than non-live video content. People spend 3 times longer watching a Facebook Live video while it is live, so Facebook is ranking the content accordingly in the News Feed. Facebook Live video was made available to all iOS users in December and all Android users in February, and the content form has already taken off in terms of popularity.