ICYMI: Social Advertising Bolsters Political Campaigns

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This week: Adaptly shares paid social tips for sporting goods retailers and weighs in on the impact of paid social on political campaigns, Pinterest receives further funding to boost visual search capabilities, Snap Inc. acquires location measurement and offline attribution company Placed.

Paid Social Tips for Sporting Goods Retailers on Facebook and Instagram | Adaptly

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are where like-minded communities come together online, and sports fans and fitness enthusiasts are no exception. 64 million people joined the Super Bowl conversation on Facebook this year, with 44 million more chiming in on Instagram. Sporting goods retailers can take advantage of the ad formats available on both platforms to reach highly-engaged users. Download Adaptly’s strategy guide for tips on how sporting goods retailers can best use new ad units like Facebook Collection and Instagram Stories to achieve business objectives.

How the Political Parties are Using Paid Social in the UK Election Race | Digital Marketing Magazine

Social media has become so engrained in our daily lives that it has spilled over into political campaign strategies. President Trump called Facebook and social media in general “vital in securing victory”, after reportedly spending millions of dollars on social advertising during the campaign. The same is holding true in the UK, where the general election unfolded this week. Adaptly’s senior media operations director Simon Hislop weighs in on how British politicians are using social media and the broader implications of this practice.

Pinterest Just Raised Another $150 Million, Putting Its Value at $12.3 Billion | Adweek

Pinterest recently succeeded in raising an additional $150 million in capital from investors, bumping the company’s valuation to $12.3 billion. The additional capital will bolster Pinterest’s latest endeavors, such as visual search technology. Pinterest’s Lens tool gives users the ability to search for objects on the platform using their smartphone’s camera, which has helped lead a 40% surge year-over-year in mobile search on Pinterest. Adaptly recently sat down with Pinterest’s Head of Marketing Partners, Michael Akkerman, to discuss the future of search on the platform. For more information about visual discovery on Pinterest, check out our “Platform Views” Q&A series.

Snapchat Buys Placed to Help Advertisers Track Foot Traffic, Store Purchases | Business Insider

Snap Inc, the parent company of Snapchat, has acquired Placed, a company that helps advertisers track real-world purchase and store visits. Snapchat has been ramping up its ad tracking capabilities with products like Snap to Store, which traces in-store foot traffic tied to Snapchat ad campaigns. Placed’s founder asserts that the company will continue to act as a “common yardstick” that will measure the effect of online advertising across multiple platforms.