ICYMI: Social Advertising is a Must this Super Bowl

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This week, Adaptly shares Super Bowl social media advertising strategies, six social media misconceptions that advertisers need to shake in 2017, and a swimwear infographic illustrating the Pinterest planning cycle.

Why Brands Should Include Social Video in Their Super Bowl Ad Spend | Adweek

The Super Bowl is the biggest advertising day of the year, but running a 30-second TV spot can cost brands a small fortune. The $5 million price tag on TV commercials combined with the unparalleled reach of social media makes running a paid social campaign around the big game a no-brainer. Adaptly Client Strategy Manager Stacey Weller shares recommendations for how brands can replace or supplement Super Bowl TV campaigns with social advertising. For full insights, download Adaptly’s Super Bowl strategy guide.

6 Social Media Misconceptions to Shake in 2017 | Adaptly

Social media may feel like second nature to most people by now, but we at Adaptly often hear some crazy misconceptions about the social media advertising industry. Our VP of Strategic Accounts Ruth Arber picked six of the most hair-raising misconceptions she’s ever heard about paid social and addressed them on our blog. Check out the social media myths to ensure you have your facts straight.

Make a Splash with Pinterest Advertising by Planning Ahead | Adaptly

The purchase cycle is vastly different on Pinterest than on other platforms, with Pinners entering the discovery and planning stage much earlier in the game. Christmas Pinning began in September, and while it may seem crazy, January has already ushered in the beginning of swimwear Pins. To illustrate how early advertisers need to start planning their Promoted Pin campaigns, we have created an infographic that takes a deep dive into swimwear trends on the platform.