ICYMI: Snapchat Announces Advertising API, Adaptly Heads to Cannes, Facebook Measures In-Store traffic, and More

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This week: Snapchat announces an Ads API, Adaptly heads to Cannes, Facebook adds new in-store measurement metrics, Pinterest debuts visitor retargeting, Instagram gives brands mobile banners, and we kick off the summer’s biggest tennis and golf tournaments with a quick guide to paid social.

Snapchat Launches a Colossal Expansion of Its Advertising, Ushering in a New Era for the App | Adweek

Snapchat shook up the advertising world on Monday with the long-anticipated announcement of its ads API. Developing an API will make it easier for brands to buy ads on the platform and introduce new advertising opportunities. Snapchat has partnered with Adaptly and seven other Ads Partners who will develop software for Snapchat advertisers that enables buying, optimizing, and analyzing campaigns. The new ad format will be 10-second vertical videos that appear between users’ Stories. Quality of ads remains a top priority for Snapchat, who will inspect every ad before it goes live. For more information about the API and Adaptly’s role, check out our blog post.

Snap, Long-form, or Stop? How to Grab Attention With Social Media Video | Cannes Lions 2016

Cannes Lions kicks off this weekend to celebrate creativity and innovation in the advertising industry. Mobile video viewership increased 55% in 2015, giving television a run for its money and requiring brands to rethink their video strategies. On June 20, our very own Tim Page, VP of Revenue, and Melissa Goidel, CRO at Refinery29, will present findings from our joint research about long-form video in the Facebook News Feed and discuss the changing nature of video consumption. If you’re attending the festival, join us on Monday at 4pm at the Forum.

In-Store, Meet Mobile: New Ways to Increase and Measure Store Visits and Sales | Facebook for Business

Although people use mobile in 45% of all shopping journeys, 90% of retail sales take place in-store, which makes it hard for marketers to measure the success of their mobile ad campaigns. To help, Facebook is implementing new ways to increase and measure store visits and sales. Local awareness ads will help users find stores by providing nearby locations and the address, hours, phone number, and website of the closest store. Once people are in the store, Facebook’s new ad reporting metric, store visits, will track how many people visited a location after seeing a Facebook campaign.

Pinterest Gets Visitor Retargeting and Other New Ad Targeting Tools | TechCrunch

Retargeting has come to Pinterest. Advertisers will now be able to track and retarget users on Pinterest that have previously visited their site. By implementing a Pinterest conversion tag, brands can better target consumers who have already shown interest in their products. They will also be able to identify other consumers who behave similarly to their existing audiences through a new lookalike tool. Pinterest captures users at all stages of the purchasing funnel, whether browsing or buying, and now will help brands more easily identify and go after the users who are closer to purchasing.

Instagram Ads Now Include Mobile Banners | Adweek

Instagram is making moves towards becoming a direct response channel for marketers. Soon, when users click on ads in the news feed, they will be brought to a company profile page where a banner will pop up at the bottom of the screen offering more information. The banners will feature a call-to-action like a website to click or an app to download. With over more than 400 million monthly active users spending 21 minutes a day in the app and liking over 3.5 billion posts, the Facebook-owned app is ramping up its advertising efforts. This update comes after last month’s introduction of retargeting ads and coincides with the gradual rollout of Instagram’s algorithm.

Ace This Summer’s Tennis & Golf Tournaments with Paid Social | Adaptly

Thursday marked the start of the US Open Golf tournament and the beginning of the summer sports season. Over the next three months, millions of golf and tennis fans around the world will tune in to the biggest tournaments, including Wimbledon, The US Open Tennis Championship, and the British Open Golf Championship. Social media is quickly catching up to these two traditional sports, with Serena Williams receiving 5,000 tweets per second during the 2015 US Open finals and golfer Rory McIlroy seeing almost 6 million social media engagements last year. Brands have the opportunity to engage with consumers on social as they watch the matches, and Adaptly has 7 tips to help marketers tee off.