ICYMI: Adaptly at SMW Chicago, Pinterest Adds Explore Section, Snapchat Partners with Foursquare, and More

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This week: Adaptly speaks at Social Media Week Chicago, Facebook tests a new ad format with retailers, Pinterest adds an Explore section, and Snapchat signs a data deal with Foursquare to improve targeting capabilities.

Instagram’s Head of Advertising Research on How to Boost Ad Performance | Social Media Week

On Tuesday, Adaptly’s VP of Strategic Accounts Ruth Arber was joined by Jaideep Mukerji, Instagram’s Head of Advertising Research, at Social Media Week Chicago to discuss boosting advertising performance on Facebook and Instagram. Extending ad creative across both platforms in a practice known as Placement Optimization allows brands to reach more people, generate higher lift, and create better value. SMW recapped highlights from the session. For an in-depth look at Placement Optimization, download our whitepaper.

Facebook Users May Soon See Multiple Products Featured in a Single News Feed Ad | Adweek

Facebook is letting retailers like Michael Kors and Lowes test a new ad product that showcases more than multiple items within the News Feed. The new ad format is a two-click process that shows related images underneath a featured product, and then brings up a new page with up to 50 more products if a user engages with the post. The opportunity to showcase several items at once drives more visual discovery and lends itself to both brand awareness and direct response for retailers. Already, Michael Kors has seen its cost per conversion fall by 79%.

Explore Today’s Top Ideas | Pinterest Blog

Pinterest has added an ‘Explore’ section to help users discover trending topics. With over 75 billion ideas on the platform, it can be overwhelming for users to keep up with the new content being added every day. Explore will allow users to see what other Pinners are most interested in and receive Pin recommendations personalized to them. The feature will be available for all Pins as well as for specific topics like Food, Home, or Style. Brands and publishers like Refinery29 will be included within the Explore section, increasing visibility among potential consumers.

Snapchat Signs Data Deal With Foursquare for Better Targeted Geofilters | Adweek

Snapchat has teamed up with Foursquare to provide increased targeting capabilities to its location-based geofilters. Advertisers will now have access to Foursquare’s data points that map 90 million locations, creating more specific parameters for geofilters. This precision will allow advertisers to target specific store locations and certain place categories like parks or museums for their ads. Foursquare is the twelfth tech company to partner with Snapchat to provide increased data and measurement to marketers.