ICYMI: Pinterest Promoted Video Drives Video Views for Adaptly Retailers

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This week: How three Adaptly retailers drove video views with Promoted Video on Pinterest, the future of virtual reality and social media, and seasons greetings from all of us at Adaptly.

Pinterest Promoted Video Case Study for Retail | Adaptly

Following the launch of Promoted Video with Autoplay on Pinterest, Adaptly’s advertisers were eager to start using the format. Three of our top retail clients began testing Promoted Video and soon determined that the medium was particularly well-suited to branding activity early on in the purchase funnel. Collectively, all three retailers found that Promoted Video with Autoplay produced impressively high video completion rates and low costs per view. Download the case study for key takeaways from the campaigns.

Virtual Reality and the Future of Social Media | Digital Marketing Magazine

Virtual reality adoption began building steam in 2017, but the medium did not quite reach its full potential. Adaptly VP of Accounts Rob Kabrovski predicts that 2018 will be the year that VR really takes off, and that social video will be the driving force behind mass adoption. As VR becomes more mainstream and accessible to consumers, we can expect to see more immersive, virtual ad formats replacing standard photo and even video formats on social. Advertisers will soon be able to leverage virtual reality to reach audiences in a new kind of digital space, opening up exciting advertising possibilities.

Holidays 2017: A Complete Guide to Ad Campaigns & Creative Success | Adaptly

In honor of our last ICYMI post of 2017, we wanted to wish you a very happy holiday season and all the best in the new year. To tide you over til 2018, here are a few Adaptly resources for any last-minute campaign planning and predictions for next year: 7 Holiday Trends to Help Your Creative Shine This Season, Video Optimization to Be “Mastered” on Social Platforms in 2018, and 4 Key Social Media Trends in 2018. Happy New Year from all of us at Adaptly!