Pinterest and the New Breed of Autonomous Marketing Platforms

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The era of commodity media – where brands primarily advertised across websites that conformed to standardized ad formats – is coming to an end.  There is a new breed of digital marketing platforms that is creating unique experiences where brands have an opportunity to invent, create, and connect better with consumers

These are autonomous marketing platforms – independent, non-conforming, personal. And they represent a massive and growing percentage of time spent on the internet, across every device.  Pinterest is a quintessential autonomous marketing platform that knows its audience and represents a huge opportunity for marketers because people need their products and services to make their future plans a reality.

Pinterest represents this new breed of platforms, and as they become increasingly necessary for marketers there is a unique set of opportunities which needs to be understood. We recently spoke on a panel at Social Media Week with Pinterest and L’Oreal to discuss how brands should be thinking about this platform. Here are the top questions and key insights from the panel to help you when designing your next digital campaign:

How should brands think about advertising across Pinterest as part of their overall strategy?  

Pinterest is all about discovery, living at the intersection of Search and Social Media. For brands, this helps introduce users to new products and services which might not have been at the margins of their original search. Standard search engines are great for answering specific questions – the weather in London or the flight time from California to Argentina – but Pinterest can help with the questions that have more than just one right answer.

Using Pinterest, brands have a unique opportunity to inspire and reach potential new customers, while increasing their earned media potential through promoted pins – and since Pins are evergreen and last forever, we often see an extra 5% bump in earned media in the month following the end of a campaign.

How is Pinterest different from other autonomous platforms?

Pinterest is offering the future. It’s about what you aspire to do, what you want to do down the line. These aspirations provide raw insight into the key factors influencing consumer choice. Brands can use these “pins” as triggers for who they might want to reach with their product or service. Pinterest provides the ability to locate consumers as they move from awareness to consideration, making it an exciting place for marketers to influence purchase decisions by providing more relevant, personalized offerings at the right time.

What are the most effective ways to engage the Pinterest audience and what are best practices for driving marketing results?

Creative, Creative, Creative! The more beautiful creative you have to test against targeting groups, the better you can optimize and match the perfect promoted pin with your audiences’ desire. Make sure content is helpful, actionable, and useful by leveraging Rich Pins, highlighting multiple products when possible, and using calls to action in your descriptions.

These are just a few of the topics that we covered during Social Media Week’s “Pinterest and the New Breed of Autonomous Marketing Platforms” panel, but there were many other ideas discussed. Hop over to our Storify recap from the event to see what others shared with us during the event!