When Pinterest Became a Full-Funnel Marketing Solution

Reading Time: 2 Minutes

Pinterest is a place for people to explore, discover, and plan what they want to do in the future. And the future is where brands want to be. This is why Pinterest has emerged as one of the most effective marketing platforms of our time – it delivers intent.

When Pinterest first launched its advertising platform, Promoted Pins, their objective was to help brands connect with people in their moments of discovery. Yesterday, Pinterest announced a new suite of advertising solutions which aligns marketing objectives to the steps Pinners take to plan their futures.

Here are some of the highlights:

Brand Awareness

The first of the new solutions to be unveiled is Pinterest’s new Cinematic Pins.  These are interactive and animating pin creatives which are controlled through scrolling – when a user scrolls, the image moves, and when a user stops, the image stops. We have seen that animation enables more effective storytelling. And with Cinematic Pins, users are kept in control which ensures the best possible experience.


For marketers who look to deepen the level of interactions with their Pinterest content, they will soon have the ability to bid and optimize their advertising to “repins” (Pinterest’s form of earned media), “close-ups” (a deeper interaction with a promoted pin), as well as “clicks” (which can also be purchased separately).


Given that 80% of Pinterest use is on a mobile device, it makes sense that Pinterest is making their App Pins promotable on a cost-per-action (CPA) basis. This is perfect for marketers who are looking to acquire new leads and customers for their mobile apps.

These are big steps for Pinterest. But they are even bigger opportunities for marketers. Pinterest has already demonstrated its effectiveness for driving high-converting traffic and many brands have begun to see that Pinterest advertising leads to purchases. A study released last week by MillwardBrown revealed that 96% of active Pinterest users have used Pinterest to research and gather information, 93% have used Pinterest to plan for purchases, and 87% have purchased something because of Pinterest.

Pinterest’s new advertising solutions are designed to help brands more effectively tap into the power of its platform and will greatly expand the ways that marketers are able to plan, purchase, and optimize their media based on increasingly specific objectives – from awareness to engagement to acquisition.