ICYMI: Paid Social Strategies for Golf Season and Spring Cleaning

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This week: Adaptly shares social advertising tips for reaching tennis and golf fans as well as spring cleaners, Instagram Stories reaches 200 million users, and Snapchat introduces a new location service to measure in-store foot traffic driven by Snap Ads campaigns.

Acing Paid Social Success During Golf and Tennis Season | Adaptly

Following an exciting win for Sergio Garcia at The Masters on Sunday, the summer sports season is off to a swinging start. Since 24 million Americans enjoy playing golf and an additional 19 million partake in tennis, Adaptly has created a golf and tennis social advertising strategy sheet to help brands reach these fans during the biggest tournaments of the summer: the US Open golf championship, Wimbledon, the British Open, and the US Open Tennis Championship. Download the guide for best practices across platforms for a hole-in-one strategy.

Sweep Up Returns On Promoted Pins About Spring Cleaning | Adaptly

With over 275,000 searches on Pinterest, spring cleaning is officially in full swing. Because Pinners are doers, the uptick in spring cleaning searches reflects an intent to act. Big box retailers and consumer packaged goods advertisers should capitalize on this burst in activity and launch Promoted Pin campaigns while Pinners are still in planning mode. With 75% of saved content on the platform originally coming from brands, Pinners are extremely receptive to helpful, branded content. Adaptly’s Content Marketing Manager Missy Goss shares strategy recommendations for how brands can clean up on Pinterest this spring.

200M People Using Instagram Stories | Instagram for Business

Instagram celebrates the milestone of 200 million stories users by adding new features and highlighting businesses’ success with ads in Instagram Stories. The disappearing photo and video feature now supports new sticker tools that allow users to create their own stickers and pin them to photos and videos. Geostickers designed by local artists for Chicago, London, Madrid, and Tokyo are rolling out in the next few days, in addition to a ‘Hands-Free’ video mode. Check out the full post for a look into how a Turkish bank increased ad recall using ads in Instagram Stories.

Snap Wants to Help Brands Track When Ads Drive People to Locations | WSJ

To help advertisers measure the success of their Snapchat campaigns in driving in-store foot traffic, Snap Inc. is set to release a new feature called Snap to Store. The tool would allow advertisers to track whether their sponsored geofilters or lenses actually drive users to specific locations, like stores, restaurants, and movie theaters. Snap to Store would measure how many Snapchat users visit a store location within seven days of being exposed to that brand’s ad campaign by tracking app opens at given locations. In early tests, the Snap to Store tool demonstrated that a sponsored geofilter from Wendy’s drove over 42,000 users to visit a restaurant location within seven days.