The Method Behind the Adaptly Rebrand

Reading Time: 2 Minutes

There are many ways to justify a company rebrand, but for Adaptly, we narrowed it down to a few key areas. Firstly, we wanted a new look to reflect our unique personality and the evolution of our business. We also had the more strategic requirement of targeting our most important site visitors.

It was for this latter reason specifically that we decided to overhaul our website. Following a review of the user experience/information architecture, content, and design – three critical components in web design – we realized that our site wasn’t working to its full potential. We knew that once we addressed all these areas simultaneously the aesthetic, or visual design, of the site would come to life, and also inform the new brand direction that would subsequently be rolled out across all areas of our business.

As a designer, the challenge here was two-fold:

  1. How do you bring depth to a brand where there isn’t any physical interaction? Since Adaptly is in the business-to-business (B2B) industry, we don’t have the opportunity to tap into something like an in-store experience. Until we get in front of clients or prospects, there are no direct interactions with our brand beyond our print collateral and digital touchpoints.
  2. Also, the nature of the work that we do and the key value we deliver to clients can be so abstract – how do you demonstrate things like strategy, engagement, support? We had to determine how to express these concepts in a way that was both visually compelling and conceptually accurate, while at the same time bring some dimension, quite literally, to our brand.

I thought a great solution to this would be to introduce what I call “illustrative photography”. This is essentially the process of creating three-dimensional illustrations using props and styling, then photographing the work.

We started this process several months ago, and sourced many unusual and at times, unassuming, props from all over the world – from geometric shapes to iconic symbols for our global office locations. Creating the photography was highly crafted and very process-driven. I spray painted every prop with several cans of white spray paint and hand mixed then hand-painted the colored props with acrylic paint. Each scene was built around Adaptly’s key solution areas and we even had large-scale props custom-made to represent our managed service and technology.


Spraypainting Adaptly Props





Adaptly Illustrative Photography Photoshoot



Adaptly Illustrative Photography

We also addressed other important areas of our brand: we explored and developed a new color palette to stand out and draw people in. And although our existing typeface choices were very strong, the application – how we selected and combined various fonts, weights and sizes –  required more consideration and refinement.

Overall, the new Adaptly branding embodies our people and all we have to offer – it has real personality and a sense of fun, but also some conceptual depth. Our solid foundation – the new site is built on core UX and IA principles – is already demonstrating exceptional results for our company and we’re looking forward to only going up from here.