ICYMI: The Messaging Apps Evolution, Easter Paid Social Strategy, Facebook Atlas Update, Snapchat-Turner Deal

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Busy week? We’ve got you covered with all the social media advertising news you might have missed:

Why Every Marketer Should Be Keeping Up With the Evolution of Messaging Apps | Adweek

Messaging apps have spiked in popularity recently, with half a billion more monthly active users than social networking apps. What’s more, messaging apps are used nine times a day and have double the retention rate of the average app. Adaptly Director of Partner Development Jim Tomanchek discusses how this popularity has led to an elevated user experience that integrates customer service. For instance, users can enable financial transactions and order transportation without ever leaving a messaging app. These one-on-one interactions provide a direct line of communication between businesses and consumers.

How Social Media Advertising Solves Browser Based Display and Search | The Social Media Monthly

Mobile is expected to surpass desktop in display ad spending in 2017, and our Senior Director of Marketing Montse Guasch weighs in on the benefits of paid social over display and search advertising. Display ads limit brands to advertising across websites that conform to standardized ad formats, while paid social offers native solutions that seamlessly insert brands into real-time conversations without disrupting the user experience. Social platforms are creating a new and better way of advertising — one based purely on technology. Advertising is evolving away from traditional browser-based display and marketers must adapt if they want to survive.

4 Tips to Put a Spring in Your Easter Paid Social Strategy | Adaptly

Easter is almost here! Is your paid social strategy in order? Ruth Arber, Director of Solutions, has several recommendations to help advertisers make the most of the holiday. 80% of Americans celebrate Easter, spending over $2.2 billion on candy. Facebook users upload 27% more posts on Easter and Pinterest reports over 142.9 million Pins by 24 million Pinners. There are endless opportunities for advertisers to leverage Easter social media activity, including joining real-time conversations on Twitter and serving Carousel ads on Instagram. Each social platform has its own unique way to engage with consumers, so don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Building Towards Value with Atlas | Atlas Solutions

Facebook recently took a deep look at Atlas, its ad server, and has made several adjustments and improvements accordingly. Their investigation revealed that two ad formats deliver significant value: native and video. To enhance these findings, Facebook updated Atlas to include Offline Actions, which allow marketers to upload their own point-of-sale data to view alongside their campaigns. Now, advertisers can see how their ads across the entire network–the Facebook site, mobile app and other websites under the Atlas umbrella–are driving offline sales. This includes a “Path to Conversion” metric that lets marketers see which ad format best drives sales. This update is an important link between online ads and offline purchases.

Turner Sports and Snapchat Sign ‘Live Stories’ Deal, Starting With March Madness | WSJ

Snapchat has expanded its Live Stories breadth through a deal with Turner Media that will feature sporting events like March Madness basketball, college baseball, and professional golf. The partnership kicks off with 14 live stories throughout this year’s March Madness tournament, which begins next week. The Live Stories will continue to curate videos and photos from fans, in addition to adding behind-the-scenes content from Turner. Snapchat is an ideal platform for broadcasting networks, with its 100 million daily users consuming over 8 billion videos a day.