Marketing Developer Partners programme expands to the UK

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Last week we opened up Promoted Pins to UK-based businesses, and now brands in the UK will be able to receive extra help with their Promoted Pins from Pinterest’s Marketing Developer Partners (MDPs).

We first launched the MDP programme in 2015, picking best-in-breed technology providers to work hand-in-hand with Pinterest to build innovative and valuable solutions for marketers through our Advertising API. MDPs are a select group of technology partners that understand the unique nature of Pinterest and that have become an integral part of the marketing ecosystem along with media and creative agencies.

These MDPs understand that Pinners come to Pinterest to plan for the future and find inspiration for their everyday lives.  Their goal is to help brands engage and connect with Pinners in the most valuable and authentic ways possible by making sure the right message gets to the right person, at the right time. Brands are essential to Pinterest, and Pinners are very open to connecting with them in new and novel ways on the platform.  MDPs build technology that enable brands to scale and innovate on top of the unique offering of Pinterest.

MDPs help a range of businesses—from long established brands such as John Lewis and Nestle to emerging, trendsetting businesses like—optimise and scale their Pinterest presences, which ultimately improves the Pinterest experience for Pinners.

To start, UK businesses can work with our Advertising MDPs to create, edit and optimise Promoted Pin campaigns. Over the past year, these MDPs have helped drive very impressive results for US businesses like:

  • Adore Me: With 4C, this lingerie company increased their Pinterest referred revenue by an astonishing 4000%. Customers from Pinterest also have a higher Lifetime Value, spending about 20% more over time compared to customers referred from other channels.
  • Green Chef: This meal delivery service worked with Adaptly to scale their Promoted Pins launch. Through the power of earned media, even after the campaign ended Green Chef continued to see earned conversions decreasing signup CPAs by 55% and checkout CPAs by 63%.

Following our launch of the MDP programme in the UK with our Ads API partners, we’ll soon be opening up the Content API so UK businesses will be able to work with Content MDPs for organic content publishing to create engaging and inspiring Pins.

With the expansion of the MDP programme to the UK, we know UK marketers will be able to scale their businesses on Pinterest to new heights.

 The original article can be fount on Pinterest for Business blog.