The Making of the Adaptly Real Life Pin Board

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When we secured our partnership with Pinterest, our first thought was: this is a significant milestone for our company, how can we celebrate and announce the partnership in a meaningful way?

The content had to be creative, highly shareable and symbolic of the Partnership, but also embody the brand values of both Adaptly and Pinterest. What better way to achieve this than to take the humble Push Pin, and by working together, create a remarkable and memorable piece of artwork.

Take a look!


Not all Push Pins are created equal.

Sourcing the Pins was the first challenge of the project. After an extensive search for suppliers, we eventually found a company in Pennsylvania that produced high quality Push Pins. They were willing to send us a bulk order of around 20,000 push pins, (predominantly white). We later found out the company was founded by Edwin Moore, the inventor of the Push Pin!

The Board

Pin Boards come in standard sizes, with a standard height-to-width ratio, which wouldn’t accommodate our long and narrow Adaptly logo. So we had a custom pin board made measuring 6 x 3 feet. It was also covered in a “pinnable” fabric, so as to read better on film.


23 of our employees pinned for over 8 hours with an estimated total of 18,000 Push Pins used to completely cover the board. In the true spirit of Pinterest, the entire creative process was documented, with a photograph being taken every 5 seconds that was later turned into a time-lapse that is endlessly sharable and watchable. (And with not one Pinjury reported!)

Watch the final product!