ICYMI: How KFC’s Clean-Eating Prank Trolled the Internet

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This week: Details from client KFC’s viral clean-eating prank, how Facebook is celebrating two billion monthly active users, and in-app custom geofilters become available through Snapchat.

KFC Trolls the Internet with Innovative Facebook Video Campaign | Adaptly

When KFC released a video clip teasing its “clean-eating burger” made of spiralized chicken breast, ice cube relish, and a chia-seeded cauliflower bun, the internet freaked out. When the full campaign video dropped a week later, it went viral. The “clean-eating burger” turned out to be an elaborate prank to drum up excitement around a new, more more KFC-like menu item: the Dirty Louisiana burger. Download the Adaptly success story for full details on how the Facebook campaign reached 7 million users on the platform and 22 million people organically.

Two Billion People Coming Together on Facebook | Facebook Newsroom

Facebook has hit another huge milestone: 2 billion monthly active users. Every day over 800 million people like something on Facebook and more than 175 million people ‘love’ something. It’s this positivity and sense of community that brings the world closer together. To celebrate that closeness and the 2 billion MAU achievement, Facebook is sharing personalized videos in users’ News Feeds called ‘Good Adds Up’. The videos highlight little acts of kindness on the platform, and most noteworthy, community stories.

The Easiest Way to Make Custom Snapchat Geofilters | Business Insider

Snapchat users are now able to create their own on-demand geofilters without ever leaving the app. Previously only available on desktop, users can choose from a list of themed templates for events like holidays, weddings, and birthdays right from their phones. The creative templates are free and setting up custom geofences is quick, easy, and cheap. As a result, Snap Inc. says that “tens of thousands” of custom geofilters are being created through the tool every day, and we can only expect that number to increase.