KFC Celebrates 50 Years With High Cross-Channel Reach

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The first UK Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant opened in 1965. To celebrate KFC’s 50th anniversary in the UK, the QSR (quick service restaurant) wanted to use Facebook to ensure they were reaching the large majority of their target audience, and Twitter to ensure those users were engaged.KFC worked with Blue 449, a Publicis agency and KFC’s AOR, and the London office of Adaptly, a U.S. social media advertising technology company, to reach its core demographic with video content on Facebook and Twitter.

Creating a Social Media Sensation

This particular campaign revolved around the winners of a contest, which was “Who would go the furthest to celebrate KFC’s 50th anniversary?” The :49 Facebook video post displayed highlights of each of the winner in a fun, humorous way…and the winners were:

· A guy dressed as a chicken and bungee jumping backwards and blindfolded

· A guy eating the hottest chili in the world (the “ghost chili”)

· A guy getting tackled by professional rugby players

· A couple getting married in a KFC

By using Adaptly’s technology and Blue 449′s forecasting expertise, together they developed a video advertising campaign targeted to the core KFC demographic comprised of consumers aged 18+ who have demonstrated an affinity to QSRs (quick serve restaurants) and who are largely on a mobile device. This targeting reflected the media consumption habits of KFC’s core audience, and allowed Adaptly to serve them an ad at the point of purchase over the course of the three week campaign.

Evaluating the Results
The results of the campaign greatly exceeded expectations. Nearly 10 million consumers were reached at a frequency of 2.2 with 91% of impressions delivered across mobile devices; Facebook and Twitter delivered a 4000% increase in video views against 3rd Party Video Link Ads; and Twitter engagement rates rose from 1.03% to 6.09% over the campaign.

“This campaign achieved remarkable results because KFC truly understands how best to adapt their content to Facebook and Twitter, and how to match their objectives with the video creative to ensure KPIs are met,” says Meagan Lopez, Director of Client Services, Adaptly EMEA.

“Well-produced and entertaining video ads with clear objectives on Facebook and Twitter can achieve huge reach and very high levels of engagement.”

The original article can be found on adotas.com.