January Partner Recap: Key Updates From Facebook® and Twitter This Month

Reading Time: 2 Minutes

If you’re overwhelmed by the constantly shifting world of paid social media —or just want to be a better-informed person—this monthly partner recap is for you. Here are some of the key updates this month from Facebook® and Twitter that used to help work smarter and save time.

Super Bowl Targeting on Facebook

Just in time for the Super Bowl, Facebook has released a new targeting segment specifically for this big TV audience. Using this segmenting option, you can reach engaged football fans (team fans, etc.), game viewers, and people interacting with related content on Facebook prior, during, or after the game.

Here’s how:

  • Access the targeting segment in any ads interface in the “Behaviors” section under “Seasonal and Events”, entitled “The Big Game”
  • The segment will be updated during the event to incorporate the rising tide of viewers for the duration of the event
    • Keep in mind that audience estimates will continue to change because the segment is dynamically updated during the event and leading up to it

For more details on this feature, check out this great post from Facebook.

New Mobile App Ad Features Available on Facebook and Twitter

As consumes continue to favor mobile over desktops, it’s absolutely critical to keep the mobile experience in mind with your digital marketing. Both Facebook and Twitter have been adding, and continue to add, new features to help brands leverage mobile to help drive engagement and conversions.

Here are four fantastic ways to do just that:

  • Find new device owners
    • Smartphone sales continue to grow rapidly each quarter. Take this opportunity to find new device owners by targeting this segment.
    • New devices = new opportunities for app installs
    • Target people who have recently used FB on a new device (targeting function can be found under Behaviors during ad creation)
  • Optimize campaigns for your business objective
    • Choose “optimize” for installs and “reach and frequency” for engagement or branding awareness. For example, if you’re trying to reach all your app users about a new feature, leverage Facebook’s reach and frequency tool for better efficiency.
  • Narrow down your top app users and build lookalikes
    • Build a custom audience using the top 25% of people and build a lookalike
  • Test multiple ad creatives
    • Test 5-10 new concepts and video for FB to improve overall campaign delivery and achieve campaign goals

Facebook Video Stats Continue to Impress

Finding a way to unleash the power of video in social can be essential to your brand’s long-term success. In fact, according to these Facebook numbers, it should be one of your top priorities:

  • 75% increase in number of video posts per person globally year-over-year
  • 6x increase in amount of videos from people and brands in news feed globally year-over-year
  • 65% of video views on FB are happening on mobile globally

However, despite the impressive numbers, cracking the code to video success on digital platforms can be mind-boggling: from allocating budgets to measuring results, to finding the right audience on the right platforms. To help you achieve more remarkable video results, here are a few of our sure-fire tips for success.

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