ICYMI: Instagram Video Carousel, Pinterest Ad Verticals, Twitter ‘Connect’ Tab, and Paid Social KPIs

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Instagram Is Now Letting Marketers Use Videos in Its Swipeable Carousel Ads | Adweek

With a 40% increase in video views on Instagram, the Carousel ad format has been updated to include videos. Marketers can now choose up to five videos to feature in their Carousel units, which gives them a chance to tell richer and more dynamic stories through their ads. These swipeable ad units have already shown an increase in ad recall and have delivered a 58% lift in conversion rates. Instagram’s 400 million active users spend an average of 21 minutes each day in the app, which means marketers have ample opportunity to get their brands in front of the right users and capture their attention with engaging video content.

Pinterest Broadens Ad Sales Focus Once Again | Wall Street Journal

After a period of focusing on retail and CPG brands, Pinterest is once again expanding its advertising services to additional verticals such as financial services, travel, automotive, and quick service restaurants. By narrowing in on retail and CPG brands specifically, Pinterest was able to develop ad features and insights that they can now apply to broader verticals. Their retargeting capabilities examine the life events that a Pinner is currently planning for and predicts what may come next. For example, serving ads for minivans or life insurance to users Pinning baby products. This approach opens the door to advertisers who may not have previously viewed Pinterest as an essential ad space for their vertical and strengthens the platform’s value.

What to Consider When Choosing Paid Social KPI | The Wall Blog

Adaptly Senior Media Manager Chrisa Chatzisavva has a message for marketers relying on ‘Reach’ as their go-to KPI for paid social campaigns: Think again. Due to the nature of real-time bidding, social advertising inventory is auction-based and automated, which doesn’t necessarily make reach the most effective or efficient objective. Chatzisavva defines reach as “cheap inventory”–a top-of-the-funnel tactic that needs to be used at the right time to be the right fit for a business. Check out her three criteria to consider before choosing reach to determine whether your business ought to rethink its paid social KPIs.

A Better Way to Connect with People | Twitter Blog

Twitter has made it easier than ever for users to find and follow relevant accounts with a new ‘Connect’ tab. The tab provides a detailed list of people and accounts Twitter thinks each user may be interested in following, along with the reasoning behind the suggestion. The recommendations will be based on who users already follow, popular accounts in their area, what’s happening in the world, and more. Making content easier to find will facilitate the dissemination of information and continue to position Twitter as a go-to source for current events and real-time discussions.