Instagram Announces Partner Program

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Instagram announced Tuesday the launch of the Instagram Partner Program, similar to Facebook’s Marketing Partner platform.

Members of the Instagram Partner Program have been honored by Instagram for exceptional results in the marketing on the platform, and have closer access to the company than outside agencies.

Companies are sorted based on expertise in three tenets:

  • Ad tech
  • Community management
  • Content marketing

Instagram blogged about the early results by these partners:

Our Instagram Partners are already solving business challenges for our business community. In August, House of Blues Entertainment turned to our partners to help sell tickets for an up and coming artist playing at its Charlotte, North Carolina location. Using Instagram’s targeting combined with Instagram partner CitizenNet’s audience modeling, they targeted residents with similar musical tastes during a 13-day campaign. At the end of the campaign, they saw a 64% higher return on investment than their previous benchmark—inspiring them to extend their advertising efforts to 40+ venues in the US.

Reaction from partners

Nikhil Sethi, co-founder and CEO of launch partner Adaptly:

“We have already run Instagram campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the world, such as Dr. Oz, Hanes, Harman, The Bump, Sears, and Kmart, and are very pleased to have been named an Instagram Partner. We have made it a priority to make marketers understand the power of Instagram campaigns and how easily they can launch, optimize and see strong outcomes by working with Adaptly particularly in the areas of video and mobile ads.”

Patience Yi, vice president of strategic alliances at Hootsuite:

“We’re excited to have been selected as an initial member of the Instagram Partner Program. Instagram via Hootsuite has made it easier for our customers to be more efficient community managers as they engage their audience with rich visual content.”

Laura O’Shaghnessy, co-founder and CEO of SocialCode:

“Instagram gives brands a powerful platform to drive consumer awareness and action, and to reach new, qualified audiences. Since becoming an Instagram partner, we’ve helped more than 40% of our client advertisers launch Instagram campaigns driving their objectives.”

Will Martin-Gill, chief product officer for Kenshoo:

“Mobile advertising has become a lynchpin for marketers seeking to connect with audiences in meaningful ways. According to Kenshoo’s Digital Marketing Snapshot: Q3 2015, mobile (phone and tablet) year-over-year (YoY) spending increased 159% for paid social ads and accounted for 68% of paid social ad clicks. Through integrating with the Instagram Ads API, we’ve witnessed firsthand the power of advertising on Instagram; by being named an initial member of the Instagram Partners Program, we can continue to guide the world’s leading advertisers in optimizing their investment on this promising publisher.”

Pau Sabria, co-founder and CEO of Olapic:

“The native nature of earned content is ideal for use in Instagram ads – brands can serve consumers visuals that are consistent with the platform experience so there is no abrupt jump to traditional advertising creative. Our early customer tests show that earned content is outperforming ads using brand-created photos.”

Aaron Goldman, CMO of 4C:

“Brands continue to see strong engagement and excellent results from the visually impactful content on Instagram. We are thrilled to be a part of the Instagram Partners Program, which will serve as a useful guide for marketers to understand the unique capabilities of the various players in the ecosystem and highlight the innovative ways 4C is making TV and social media work better together.”

Salesforce‘s Gregg Johnson:

“Salesforce has worked with global brands like L’Oreal, McDonald’s, KLM and Chobani that use Salesforce Marketing Cloud to engage with customers, convert fans into brand advocates and find new customers on Facebook and Instagram. Recently, we extended these partnerships by launching an entirely new set of advertising, analytics and engagement tools for Instagram across our suite of Marketing Cloud products.

With a community of 400 million, Instagram is the place on mobile where marketers go to tell creative, visual stories to drive business results. The Instagram Partner Program will spur innovation to meet the diverse needs of marketers across the globe.”

Ampush CEO Jesse Pujji:

“Ampush began advertising on Facebook in 2010. We were among the first to capture its mobile potential, and so we jumped at the chance to double down on the partnership and get involved in Instagram’s advertising alpha. To date, the performance has been awesome. We’re excited about this latest step in the program’s evolution, which will help new advertisers quickly and easily identify companies such as Ampush that have proven expertise on the platform.”

Apu Gupta, CEO of Curalate:

“Modern marketers know that images are the new language of consumer behavior. As members of the Instagram Partner Program, we’re able to accelerate our efforts to connect visual content to commerce and bring the most innovative solutions to over 700 of the world’s most recognized brands.”

Spredfast CEO Rod Favaron:

“With Instagram’s engaged user base, it’s important for brands and media companies to have the right tools to truly understand how their strategies and tactics are resonating with users. We know our customers expect bleeding edge innovation from us, so being a part of the Instagram Partner Program, an ecosystem of best-in-class solutions, helps us continue to deliver on that promise.”

The original article can be found on Adweek SocialTimes.