Instagram and Facebook Together Drive Greater Efficiency

Reading Time: 2 Minutes

Heather Haney, Client Strategy Manager at Adaptly suggests marketers to run their ads through Instagram and Facebook together for more efficient results.

Which social media platform performs better? Is there synergy in running the same campaign across more than one? Sometimes only a head to head test can provide the answers. Running an ad campaign on both Facebook and Instagram is a win-win overall: brands can boost reach–especially for an engaged millennial audience–by driving more efficient costs, without the need to develop additional creative.

Cable network TV Land (owned by Viacom) aimed to build awareness and drive tune-in for a new comedy show called Teachers. Initially they planned on running ads solely on Facebook, but they ran the campaign across both Facebook and Instagram to extend reach and target a highly engaged millennial audience.

The team, in collaboration with MediaHub, developed a strategy around the first three episodes of Teachers, with spending focused on air times and keeping up the momentum of content between episodes. The goal was to fuel live tune-in, continue conversations, and drive people who missed the show to catch up through on-demand video.

Using ad creative intended for Facebook, ads were served efficiently across both Facebook and Instagram and tested to see if the two performed better than just Facebook. Ad content consisted of bite-sized video clips featuring funny character gaffes and sneak peeks of upcoming episodes of Teachers.

A Facebook Brand Effect study was conducted to determine the overall performance of the campaign. Test cell 1 was an isolated portion of the audience exposed only to the Facebook placement. Test cell 2 was exposed to Facebook, Instagram, or both placements. The control groups were not exposed to any ads. In order to reach key millennials on Instagram without Instagram-specific content, a controlled test of ‘Facebook Only’ inventory was also served to Facebook, Instagram or both placements.

In the end, this test strategy proved to be a worthwhile experiment for TV Land’s new program: using both Instagram and Facebook together resulted in increased reach by 7% and impressions by 16%, while decreasing CPM by 6%.The overall campaign generated a 25% lift in ad recall, 21% in brand awareness, and 3% intent to tune-in.

Thus, running ads across Facebook and Instagram allows marketers to reach their core audience and drive awareness more efficiently.

The original article can be found on MarTech Advisor.