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7 Tips to Spice Up Social Advertising for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a $19 billion holiday that entices over half of the US population to show some love for their significant other. In 2015, Americans spent over $4.8 billion on jewelry and bought over 58 million pounds of chocolate–that’s more than any other country in the world. Valentines are increasingly turning to the internet to find inspiration and do their shopping, with 48% of consumers making purchases online. Consumers are also searching the web to create more affordable, DIY gifts: Pinterest reports over 200 million Valentine’s Day Pins, and #homemade and #etsy are among the top searched hashtags leading up to the 14th.

Brands can spice up their Valentine’s Day marketing strategy by tapping into the power of social ads. Some tips:

1) Keep in mind that Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples. Encourage consumers to treat their friends and co-workers–or better yet themselves–to gifts this year. You can’t go wrong with content that appeals to single audiences as well as couples.

  • 54% of US consumers celebrate Valentine’s Day and not all of them are in relationships. Women tend to give gifts to people other than significant others, such as children, friends, and co-workers. One in five will give gifts to their pets! (Source: U.S. News)

2) Re-target users on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter who have been browsing gift ideas and push them through to purchase.  

  • The largest spending age group in 2015 was predicted to be 25-34 year olds, who would spend upwards of $213.04. (Source: Forbes)

3) Put your brand at the center of discovery, as Pinners are searching for gift ideas around Valentine’s Day. Create ‘gifting’ campaigns that target users with gift ideas for men and women.

  • There are 200 million Valentine’s Day Pins on Pinterest and 12 million Pinners have conducted 58 million Valentine’s Day-related searches. (Source: Pinterest)

4) Create creative and inspiring Valentine’s Day-related content and promote it with Link Ads to drive on-site traffic and purchases.

  • There are over 1.48 million Instagram posts for #happyvalentinesday, 3.3 million for #valentines, and 3.8 million for #valentine. (Source: Instagram)

5) Show users the full range of products that they can purchase for Valentine’s Day with Facebook’s Carousel Ad – the unit has been recently updated to include video.  

  • Nearly half of consumers said they are most likely to shop for a gift online in some form, including on mobile devices and via social media. (Source: MediaPost)

6) CPG brands can leverage this opportunity to create recipe and meal ideas to give audiences inspiration for what they can cook for their loved ones.

  • Two out of three Valentines will opt to eat in on the big day and will be in the market for romantic meal ideas. (Source: NRF)

7) Target users looking for romantic getaways over Valentine’s Day weekend by offering up tips and possible destinations to inspire them to give in to wanderlust.

  • 35.1% of consumers will spend $3.6 billion on travel and entertainment plans, such as a special weekend away. (Source: NRF)