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Sprinting Your Way Towards Paid Social Success During Tour de France

Tour de France is not only the world’s leading bike race; it is also the largest annual sporting event on the planet. Last year’s competition was broadcast in 190 countries, amassing a reported total viewership of 3.5 billion. 80 hours of live coverage was produced over the course of the event, adding to the 6.300 hours of overall air-time dedicated to the race across the world.

In addition, digital channels and social media were used to provide an always-on, constant stream of updates, real-time commentary, exclusive pictures and videos.

The official Tour de France website had 34 million unique visits in 2016, 80% of which took place in July alone. There were also a total of 1.3 million downloads of apps relating to the event as well as 2.1 million Facebook fans and 2.5 million Twitter followers of official Tour de France accounts around the time of last year’s race.

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