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Turn Up the Heat This Summer with Social Advertising

Summer is a season of sun, surf, and spending. Verticals across the board from retail to auto see consumer spending spike as the temperatures rise. While the longer days and warmer nights may lull consumers into a state of relaxation, summer is no time for advertisers to lose focus.

Starting with Memorial Day Weekend – the unofficial start of the new season – the summer months present a marathon of advertising opportunities, especially through social media. With more sunshine and more time on their hands, consumers have more opportunities to check and post to their favorite platforms. Brands have the ability to reach their target audiences on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Twitter with seasonal content.

Whether your brand sells sunscreen or computer screens, social advertising presents the perfect chance to tap into the sentiment of summer. For paid social insights spanning a range of industries – travel, retail, CPG, QSR, and auto – download Adaptly’s strategy guide.