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Paid Social Tips for Sporting Goods Retailers on Facebook and Instagram

There are few activities that create stronger communities than sports and fitness. Whether it be rooting for a favorite team or connecting with fellow runners, athletics unite people across the globe, and social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are where today’s communities come together.

Sports and fitness interest peaks on social several times throughout the year, following seasonal events and tournaments. 64 million people worldwide joined the Super Bowl conversation on Facebook in 2017, with an additional 44 million chiming in on Instagram. The number one New Year’s resolution in 2017 was losing weight/eating healthier, and many consumers turn to social media not only to discuss their resolutions, but also to equip and inspire themselves to keep them.

A sporting goods company’s place within these communities is promoting and facilitating active lifestyles and a love for sports. Brands can engage Facebook and Instagram users with behind-the-scenes action in Stories, first looks at new apparel through Facebook Collection or carousel ad formats, and fitness and style inspiration. Both platforms have been key in fueling these communities, with hundreds of millions of users following sports retailers on each.

Facebook and Instagram present unique opportunities for sporting goods retailers to engage with exercise enthusiasts, professional sports fans, and athletes. Develop a sophisticated social advertising plan across both platforms to reach your target audiences.

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