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The Science of Social Advertising: A Research Study on Sequenced Messaging

Striking the right note with creative is crucial to an ad campaign. Should brands go right for the kill with a call-to-action (CTA) in every placement? Or sequence their messaging to tell a brand story before prompting consumers to buy?

In a joint study with Facebook and lifestyle publication Refinery29, Adaptly explored the impact of sequential messaging versus sustained creatives that focus exclusively on CTA on driving core business objectives.

The first point of consideration in this research was brand equity. If a brand enjoys high brand awareness, advertising should focus on mid-funnel goals such as driving purchase consideration. But, if a brand enjoys a high level of favorability, marketing efforts may be better served focusing on lower-funnel goals like driving conversion. Refinery29 aimed to drive subscription rates and wanted to determine which strategy would better deliver on business goals.

Download the full whitepaper to learn whether sequenced messaging or sustained CTAs drove better engagement and conversions for Refinery29. Get the details on which method:

  • Increased view-throughs by 87%
  • Drove higher subscription rates
  • Your brand should implement on Facebook