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Make a Splash with Pinterest Advertising by Planning Ahead

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Actually, according to Google, it was more like a million days.

The start of 2017 might have you feeling slightly frantic about how you’ll achieve your brand objectives, which are likely much bigger than last year’s. We totally get that, which is why we created the Pinterest strategy infographic below to help you out.

Why specifically for Pinterest, you ask? Because we at Adaptly know first-hand that accomplishing big marketing goals on the platform takes serious planning. For instance, did you know Pinners started searching for Christmas inspiration as early as September? We started priming our clients for the trend way back in the Spring.

Right now, while many of us are still regretting binging on holiday cookies, Pinners are already looking ahead to swimsuit season. Swimwear pinning peaks between February and June, meaning that retailers are now running Promoted Pin campaigns.

To illustrate how Pinners use Pinterest to plan ahead – and how advertisers should strategize early – we took a deep dive into swimwear on the platform. Check out our infographic for insights into how to set your business up for advertising success on Pinterest this year.