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Paid Social Strategies for Mother’s and Father’s Day That Everyone Will Love

Every spring, sons and daughters across the world get together to honor mom and dad: Mother’s Day on May 8th and Father’s Day on June 19th are special days to celebrate the people who raised us.

Mother’s Day is second only to the winter holiday season when it comes to consumer spending, with loving children spending over $21 billion on moms in 2015 ($12 billion was later spent on dads). Social media activity peaks around these holidays as users show appreciation for their parents, giving brand advertisers increased visibility to deliver compelling content.

 66% more posts uploaded to Facebook on Mother’s Day

14.7MM people Pinned about Father’s Day

25% of smartphone owners will use their devices to research gifts and compare prices

Awareness Stage:

  • Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are huge opportunities for retailers and service brands. People want to provide their parents with thoughtful and experiential gifts that will make a lasting impact. Advertisers should start generating brand awareness at least a month out to get users thinking about gifting these special products and services.

  • On Pinterest, promote personalized gift ideas several weeks in advance. Pinners are looking for creative, thoughtful ideas for their parents, especially DIY and homemade gifts, which require more planning. Make your brand a part of the experience for Pinners and show them how your brand can be put to practice to create the best gifts. As time starts to run out and the holiday gets closer (a week out), focus on Pin content promoting gift ideas that can be turned around quickly.

Consideration & Conversion Stages:

  • Tap into Twitter’s keyword conversation and search targeting capabilities to be a part of the planning process, with users talking about these holidays and searching for gifting ideas. Also leverage Twitter’s Event targeting to seamlessly join the conversations happening closer to the holidays to drive purchases.
  • Brands should retarget those who have visited their site but haven’t purchased as it gets closer to the holidays—about a week out—with tailored messaging reminding them to buy.

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