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Winning Paid Social Strategies for the Euro Football Championship

Every four years the UEFA European Championship tournament determines the best football team in continental Europe. This year, for the first time ever, 24 teams instead of 16 will duke it out from 10 June to 10 July in 51 games held in 10 stadiums in France. 2.5 million fans are expected to attend and spend €1 billion over the course of the tournament.

Second in hype only to the FIFA World Cup, the last EURO finals attracted a total television audience of 8.1 billion in 230 countries. Back in 2012, before live tweeting and second screening were the norm, only half of all football fans accessed another screen while watching a match, and the #EURO2012 hashtag only generated seven tweets per second. To put that into perspective, the 2014 World Cup final generated 618,725 tweets per minute, over 1000 times as many. This year, more than two-thirds of British viewers are expected to use second screens, with 73% via smartphone. 28% of second screening viewers will be chatting online about the matches and 24% will be posting on social media.

9 in 10 Twitter football fans have used Twitter while watching the sport

67.8% of UK viewers tuned in to England vs. Italy in 2012

1000% increase in fans of the UEFA EURO Facebook Page since 2012

Brands can join the buzz around the 2016 Euros by tapping into paid social. A few strategy recommendations:

  • Capture the dual-screening audience and scale TV plans with video ads on Facebook and Instagram. Overlapping and unduplicated audiences reached on TV and social can be measured with Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings studies.
  • With any video content, ensure that you run placements across both Facebook and Instagram. Ads will reach your target audience whilst being optimised in real-time across both platforms, sometimes delivering inventory at half the cost.
  • Utilise Carousel, Canvas and 360 video ads that showcase football-related products to drive impact and better performance in a noisy environment. Overlaying Custom Audiences with users who have an affinity to football will aid relevance and avoid wasted impressions on users not necessarily interested in your brand or product.
  • Own the conversation and buzz in the run-up to the Euros. Drive engagement with your audiences around teams, players, key matches, and moments. Make sure your messaging is relevant and tailored to the audience you’re targeting. Twitter’s conversation targeting is an opportunity to tailor messaging to what users are tweeting about, which can result in significantly higher engagement.