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How to Make Social Advertising a Slam Dunk During March Madness

Madness descends on the US every March when the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball tournament begins. Starting with Selection Sunday on March 12th, 68 college basketball teams duke it out over three weeks of fierce competition for the ultimate prize. Basketball fans or not, 40 million Americans join in on the fun, filling out over 70 million tournament brackets in an attempt to correctly predict the winners of each game. The odds of picking all 63 winners correctly is as low as 1 in 9.2 quintillion, which may be why Warren Buffett offered a $1 billion prize for a perfect bracket in 2014.

Brands also compete to come out on top during March Madness. Last year, official candy partner Reese’s garnered the most social media engagements with over 260k engagements on Facebook, while non-sponsor KFC came in second place with 99k. Three weeks worth of matchups give brands ample opportunity to reach the 17.8 million viewers who tune in on TV and the 3.4 million who stream online

Buzzer-beating stats:

$9.2 billion worth of bets made in 2016

March Madness Pinning begins right after Christmas

9.1 billion March Madness-related impressions on Twitter in 2015

8 Twitter hashtag-triggered emojis for the tournament

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