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Long-Form Video in Facebook News Feed

Within a year of launching its video player, Facebook is overtaking YouTube for total video views. Facebook’s in-feed video capabilities present an awesome opportunity for publishers and marketers alike to distribute their content to target audiences at massive scale.

Simultaneously, we are seeing the rise of premium content creators producing best-in-class video for web-first distribution. Millennials in particular are flocking to digital platforms to seek out premium long-form content to supplement (or replace) traditional linear programming. But little has been published about effective long-form video delivery strategies within Facebook, and even less about the role of long-form video on mobile devices.

A joint study with Adaptly and lifestyle website Refinery29 examines the role of long-form video in the Facebook mobile News Feed and analyzes key tactics for driving engagement. Check out this whitepaper featuring research findings to learn:

– The role of sequencing short trailers prior to delivering long-form video within the Facebook News Feed

– The impact of incorporating subtitles in long-form video

– Best practices for leveraging Facebook as a branded content distribution channel.